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Technologies Developed:

  1. Irrigation methods and scheduling to various field crops have been developed based on soil, water and agro-climatic conditions of the State.
  2. Development of efficient water management practices in agricultural crops especially in rice (System of Rice Intensification) SRI is a step in the right direction.
  3. Mulching with coir pith and polythene film for soil moisture conservation was accomplished.
  4. Promoting frontier technologies like SRI, Precision farming, improved production technologies for various crops, seed village and organic farming.
  5. TNAU Precision farming techniques for wide spaced crops like coconut, Orchard tree and close Spaced crops like Sugarcane, Banana, Turmeric, Tapioca, Flowers and Vegetables were accomplished wherein water saving, yield and quality increase have been demonstrated.
  6. Affordable Micro Irrigation for Kitchen garden, small and marginal farmers.
  7. Carbon-di-oxide screening unit was designed for preventing salt encrustation and method to remove encrusted salts in irrigation pipes by acid treatment has been developed.
  8. Surface and sub surface drainage systems for alleviating water logging and salinity in the vertisol of command areas were developed.
  9. Designs and construction techniques of water harvesting structures in micro watersheds have been evolved.
  10. Stress management techniques like identification of critical periods, Limewash, Kaolin,Cycocel and KCL spray techniques to mitigate moisture stress were developed.
  11. Tank irrigation management policies, tank rehabilitation options, simplified water charges have been derived.

Drip System Simulation Programme (DSSP)
Rice (SRI) planter
System of Rice Planting

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