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Major Research Schemes completed
  1. Demonstration of new technologies for sustainable Wasteland of Tamil Nadu
  2. Demonstration of Paired row planting and Pit method of planting of Sugarcane under drip fertigation system in Twelve district
  3. Impact Evaluation of the Model Rehabilitation Project in Hanumanadhi Sub- Basin in Tirunelveli District
  4. Evaluation Study on the Impact of Command Area Development and Water Management Programme in Aliyar basin of Parambikulam Aliyar project,
  5. Evaluation study on the impact of Command Area Development and Water Management Programme in Palar – Poranthalar project
  6. GOI - Scheme on Evaluation of National project for Repair, Renovation and Restoration of water bodies directly linked to Agriculture in Villupuram and Sivanganga Districts of Tamil Nadu
  7. Scaling of water productivity in agriculture for livelihood through Teaching-cum-Demonstration, Training of trainers and Farmers” at the Dept. of Agronomy, AC & RI, Madurai sub centre at ARS, Bhavanisagar and WTC, TNAU, Coimbatore
  8. Drip Fertigation in High Value Crops under Farmers Action Research Programme
  9. Baseline Survey of DPAP XII Batch Watershed in Coimbatore Districts
  10. Impact assessment of rainwater harvesting structures for groundwater recharge under NABARD assisted rural infrastructure development fund
  11. Command area development and water management programme – 2007-2008 – Evaluation study of Tamiraparani Command Area
  12. Evaluation of recharge structures constructed in percolation pond in Coimbatore and Vellore Districts
Ongoing Research Schemes
  1. Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water Resource Management (IAMWARM) [Funding: World Bank]
  2. Modelling Urea Transport for Nitrogen Scheduling in Drip Irrigation [Funding: Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India]
  3. ICAR partly financed scheme All India Coordinated Research Project on "Optimization of water utilization through wells and pumps" (Ground water utilization) [Funding: Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, Government of India]
  4. IWMI- TATA TN-Drip Irrigation Capacity Building and Management Initiative for Maximizing Productivity and Income [Funding: International Water Management Institute, Srilanka and Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai.]

Policy Research:
This centre has also committed for policy oriented research in key issues and involved in preparing several policy documents to the following organization viz.,
State Planning Commission
Government of India
Government of Tamil Nadu etc.

System Rice Intensification
Irrigation automation in sugarcane crop
Water Reservoir

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