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  1. Water Management Technologies
  2. Adaptive Research Trials (ARTs) and Technology Transfer
  3. Drip Irrigation
  4. Drip Irrigation - Design and economic layout for Annual crops
  5. Water Budgeting
  6. Intersectional Water Allocation in Amaravathy River Basin, Tamil Nadu
  7. Geographical information system based Decision Support for Sub-watershed Planning
  8. Conversion of Tanks into Percolation Ponds
  9. Participatory Irrigation Management in Tamil Nadu
  10. Evaluation of Watershed Development Projects - Approaches and Experiences
  11. Rainwater Harvesting - English
  12. kiHePh; nrfhpg;g[ - KiwfSk; tpsf;f';fSk;
  13. Critical Stages of Water Requirement of Crops
  14. Integration of Aquaculture within irrigation systems
  15. Agriculture and Irrigation - Coimbatore District
  16. Watershed Development - outreach research activities
  17. Drought prone Area Watershed Development - Experiences and Impact
  18. Mid- term Evaluation of IWDP  Watersheds in Pongalur block of Coimbatore District
  19. Present Status and Future Strategies of Tank Irrigation in Tamil Nadu
  20. Sustainability of Tank irrigation System in South India
  21. jkpHfj;jpy; Vhpg;ghrdk; ,d;Wk; ,dpa[k;
  22. Impact Assessment of select watersheds in Coimbatore districts of  TN.
  23. Water Resources Management - Question & Answers
  24. Value of Groundwater in Tank irrigation system
  25. groundwater flow and mass transport modelling for assessment and management of aquifers

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