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Drip System Simulation Programme (DSSP)

Softwares for Design of Drip Irrigation Systems

There are two softwares in this folder. One is called as Drip System Simulation Programme (DSSP). This software is capable of simulation of flow in a drip subunit. A drip subunit would consist of a submain and its laterals. The details of the methodology used in development of  the software and also  user manual can be seen in the file dssp-theory. After unzipping the file DSSP, the DSSP executable can be just copied on to your desktop.

The second software is for design of drip main. This software can be used to design  drip main based on the most popular main line design theory developed by Wu (1975). This software is very simple and straight forward to use. For installing the software, just copy the Dripmain  executable file to your desktop. This software can work only when your computer is installed with Visual studio.

            All these softwares were developed by the under graduate students of agricultural engineering under supervision of Dr.V.Ravikumar, Associate Professor. The publications related to this software are given below:

Ravikumar V., Santhana Bosu S. and V.Kumar , (2001) "Drip Irrigation System Design by Energy Gradient Line approach for Non-Uniform Outflow", Agricultural Engineering Journal, Bangkok, Thailand- 10 (3 & 4) Pa. 181-190

Ravikumar. V., and K.Renuka and C.R.Ranganathan (2003) “Design of tapered drip irrigation pipes in non-uniform slopes”. Jl of Agrl. Engg.  Indian Council of Agrl. Research. Vol.40(3):63-73

Ravikumar V., C.R.Ranganathan and Santhana Bosu S. (2003), "Analytical equation for uniformity of discharge in Drip Irrigation laterals" Jl of Irrigation and drainage Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers. 129(4), 295 - 298

Ravikumar V. and Meganathan (2005), “A software for the  design of drip mains”, National Convention on Agricultural Engg, conducted by Institution of Engineers (India) at   AEC & RI, TNAU, Coimbatore.

Wu, I. Pai (1975) “Design of Drip Irrigation Mainlines”, Journal of irrigation & Drainage, ASCE, Vol,101, IR4.

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