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Research Stations


 1.      Background information

1963 – Cashew Research Station – Established

1971 – Recognized as one of the Centre under AICRP

1979 – All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Groundnut shifted from Tindivanam.

1980 – International Development Research Centre Scheme on Sesame.  Research lab to

            land Programme of ICAR from Transfer of Technology,  NARP – solutions to

            location specific problems in different agro-ecological sub zones formulated.

1981 – Release of Cashew Variety VRI 1

1982 – Upgraded as Regional Research Station under NARP for North Eastern zone of

Tamil Nadu. Release of Groundnut VRI 1

1985 – Release of Cashew variety VRI 2

1989 – Release of Groundnut variety VRI 2

1990 – Release of Groundnut variety VRI 3

1991 – Release of Cashew variety VRI 3.

1995 – Release of Sesame variety VRI 1.

1996 – Release of Groundnut variety VRI 4

2000 – Release of Cashew variety VRI 4

2001 – Release of Groundnut variety VRI Gn 5

2. Location     

            This research station is situated 5 k.m. away from Vriddhachalam  town on the Vriddhachalam  - Cuddalore road.  It lies at 11.300 N latitude and 79.260 longitude and at an altitude of 42.67 m above mean sea level.  The nearest sea coast is within 50 Km distance.

3. Climate

Maximum Temperature


270 C to 420 C

Minimum Temperature


190 C to 240 C

Mean annual rainfall  


S. W. : 403.22 mm 1020.26 mm, N.E.  : 580.50 mm

4. Area            :           63.53 ha.


5. Soil status :

Soil type


Red laterite/ Sandy soil

Soil pH





0.05 m onhos/cm

Organic matter


Low (0.002%)

Available N



Available P



Available K



High in Fe & Al oxides




6. Technical Specialist

Dr. G. Nallathambi,      Professor and Head


Dr. G. Nallathambi, Professor and Head – Cytogenetics

Dr. R. Sankarapandian, Professor - Plant  Breeding and Genetics

Dr. A. Mothilal, Assistant Professor – Plant Breeding and Genetics

Dr. C. Muralidharan, Associate Professor – Agronomy

Dr. G. Gunasekaran, Associate Professor – Entomology

Dr. K. Sachithanantham, Associate Professor – Plant Pathology


Dr. G. Nallathambi, Professor and Head – Cytogenetics

Dr. A. Mothilal, Assistant Professor – Plant Breeding and Genetics

Dr. K. Subramaniam, Assistant Professor – Agronomy

Dr. V. R. Saminathan, Research Associate – Entomology


Dr. G. Prabakaran, Research Associate – Horticulture

Dr. D. Anandanayaki, Research Associate – Horticulture

Dr. V. Ambethgar, Assistant Professor – Entomology

Cropping System Research

Dr. V. Jayabal, Professor – Agronomy

7. Research Scheme in operation     :




ARS & Centres – RRS, Vriddhachalam 




URS – Strengthening of National Agrl. Research Project, RRS, Vriddhachalam .




URS – Strengthening of Breeder Seed Programme, RRS, Vriddhachalam 


ICAR Partly financed


AICRP on Oilseeds – Groundnut


ICAR Partly financed


AICRP on Oilseeds – Sesame


ICAR Partly financed


AICRP on Species – Cashew


ICAR Partly financed


Experiments on Cultivators Field


ICAR Partly financed


Front Line Demonstration of Cropping system research


ICAR Partly financed


FLD on Annual Oilseeds – Groundnut


ICAR Partly financed


FLD on Annual Oilseeds – Sesame


ICAR Partly financed


AICRP on Rape seed, Mustard verification centre


ICAR fully financed


Production of breeder seeds & annual oilseeds – groundnut and sesame seed production


ICAR fully financed


Model Cashew clonal garden


ICAR fully financed


Hybridization in cashew


NATP fully financed


Developing an integrated production packages, enhancing productivity of cashew


GOI scheme


Regional Nursery on Cashew (Revolving fund scheme)




Breeder seed production on Oilseeds crops - Groundnut & Sesame (Revolving fund scheme)


ICAR (Hort)


Production of ornamental crops (Revolving fund scheme)

8. Main objectives :

-         To develop high yielding varieties in the groundnut, sesame and cashew

-         To develop technologies for increasing the production and productivity

-         To impart training to the farmers and staff of sister departments on the production technologies

-         Evaluation and testing the adaptability of elite breeding materials

9. On going Research


·        Hybridization and selection in cashew.

·        Germplasm collection, maintenance and description of types in cashew.

·        Nutrient Management and intercropping studies.

·        Bio-ecology and management of key pests of cashew.

·        Production and distribution of cashew grafts


·        Development of large seeded kernel groundnut.

·        Genetic upgradation of Arachis hypiogaea.

·        Evaluation of high yielding varieties

·        Production of nucleus seed and breeder seed.

·        Integrated nutrient and weed management in groundnut based cropping systems.

·        Impact of polyethylene film mulching.

·        Large seeded kernel varieties response to organic and inorganic fertilizers.

·        Monitoring of major pest and diseases and screening of germplasm

·        Integrated disease and pest management.

·        Utilizing cropping systems, botanicals, biological and selective insecticides.


·        Germplasm maintenance, evaluation and development of hybrid sesame and suitable variety.

·         Nucleus and breeder seed production

·        Time of sowing, cropping system nutrient management and resource constraints in relation to yield maximization

·        Seasonal incidence in relation to biotic and abiotic factors.

·        Crop loss assessment due to pest complex and their management for better net returns

·        Development of IPM modules

·        Epidemiology of phyllody, root rot, powder mildew diseases and their effective management.


·        Survey on technology adoption and production constraints in cashew, groundnut and sesame in this region.

·        Documentation of indigenous technologies

·        Frontline demonstration on groundnut and sesame

·        Establishment of model cashew clonal garden in farmers holding

·        Experiment on cultivator’s field

·        Frontline demonstration on cropping system

Extension activities

·        Conducting Regional Research and Extension Advisory Council Meet

·        Participation of scientists in Monthly Zonal meetings and Institution
Village Linkage Programme.

·        Training on various production and protection aspects of groundnut, sesame, cashew and mushroom cultivation to the regional cultivators and staff of sister departments.

·        Conducting on-Farm trails, Front line demonstration, adaptive research trials and multilocation trials of various crops.

·        Farm Advisory and Diagnostic team visit.

·        Technology dissemination through AIR,

·        TV Programme, press media, phamplets, leaflets and bulletins.

Thrust area of Research

·        Evolving drought tolerant/resistant varieties in groundnut.

·        Transgression of wild genes to cultivated species of groundnut for pest/disease tolerance.

·        Developing large seeded groundnut for export.

·        Use of polyethylene film mulch in groundnut cultivation.

·        Developing low cost production technologies.

·        Organic farming in large seeded groundnut for export purpose.

·        Developing technologies with biological control of pests and diseases of groundnut, sesame and cashew.

·        Evolving non-shattering and early maturity varieties in sesame.

·        Evolving new varieties/hybrids with bold-nut in cashew for export purpose.


For further details contact:



Regional Research Station

Vriddhachalam - 606 001

Cuddalore district

Phone : 04143 – 260231

Fax     : 04143 – 261120

E.mail : arsvri@tnau.ac.in.



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