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Extension activities


v     During 1994 to  98 totally 50439 kg of Azolla and 1464 kg of Blue green algae were produced and distributed among the farmers of CDZ.

v     Zonal workshops and Pre season training

v     25 large scale rice IPM demonstrations and 50 one day IPM and 15 mushroom trainings conducted under the Operational Research Project

v     Demonstration trials on BGA and Azolla were conducted at 80 and 87 locations respectively

v     Training to village level workers and convenors of farmers discussion groups

v     On farm trials, fifty hectare demonstration

v     Conducting Farmers day and Farm Advisory Services

v     Contingency package to overcome natural calamities

v     Urban horticulture development and sale of horticultural plants, mushroom and azolla

v     Integrated Village Development Programme (IVDP)

v      Linkages with Education Institutions / Industries / NGO’s Allied departments




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Extension activities