Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Soil and water Management Research Institute

Kattuthottam Thanjavur 613 501



Research Achievements

v       Characterization of Thanjavur soils for water holding capacity ranging from 70-200 mm depth.

v       Summer ploughing with mould board plough reduced water requirement for land preparation by 100 mm.

v       Application of either 20 kg N/ha or 1.25 kg/ha Trichoderma viride three days before ploughing accelerates decomposition of Kuruvai rice stubbles.

v       The IRRI-SWMRI model drum seeder sown rice saves labour without yield reduction in rice.

v       Seedlings broadcasting in main field for Kuruvai rice, saves 30% labour.

v       Humic acid (0.3%) spray enhances grain yield in rice.

v       Yield reduction due to water stress was brought down from 21% to 2.3% by the application of KCl (1%).

v       The SPAD chlorophyll meter based N application in rice matches the crop demand and results in higher productivity in all the seasons.

v       SSNM was found to be effective in increasing yield as well as improving N use efficiency apart from sustaining pest and disease below ETL.






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