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v      New spider species (15 Nos.) described.  Cultural practices conserving spiders in rice probed.

v      Seed treatment with Trichoderma viride (4 g/kg of seed) or Pseudomonas fluroscens (10 g/kg of seed) followed by soil application of Trichoderma viride or Pseudomonas fluroscens @ 1 kg/ac on the 25th and 45th DAS effectively control the root rot disease in gingelly. 

v      Irrigation one day after disappearance of ponded water (DPW) in dry season (kharif) and three days after DPW in wet season (rabi) recorded higher yield and water saving in rice when compared to continuous submergence.

v      Rice-Rice-Sesame was the viable cropping system in Grand Anicut Canal area.

v      Allowing the blackgram to second and third flesh recorded 80 to 100 per cent yield increase.

v      Water requirement for different crops were worked out and recommended.

v      Application of BGA increased the rice grain yield by 14 to 21% wherein azolla application increased yield of 14 to 22% over untreated control.






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