The TNAU Offset and Printing Press was established during 1974 as one of the important untis of the Directroate of Extension Education. The Directorate of Publications was established during 1994 with the inclusion of printing press as one of the components of the Directorate. At present, the TNAU Offset and pritning press was under the control of the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning from April, 2005.
  • To undertake and coordinate the printing activities of the TNAU viz., Valarum Velanmai, TNAU Newsletter, Annual Report, Research Highlights and such other important publications of the University.
  • To coordinate the activities related to printing of answer books, curricula and syllabi and similiar other activities related to UG / PG education.
  • To print and publish the course materials pertaining to certificate courses, PG Diploma and PG Degree programmes of ODL courses.
  • To coordinate the activites on arranging book exhibition, sale of publications etc. through important activities of the TNAU
  • To organise the printing requirements of the TNAU like standard wrappers, milk coupons, bill books all kinds of registers, cash  bill books, letter heads, calendars etc. as and when required.

The TNAU Offset and printing press has five important units reponsible for effective functioning of the press viz., composing section, letter press section, platemaking section, offset section and binding section. It has provided with latest pritning machines to compile with the printing requirements of the University. All activities related to printing and publication of ODL programmes are being completed with the TNAU Offset and Printing Press. Thus, this unit of ODL acts as a vital element to strengthen the triple functions of the University.

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Publication Activity

The Directorate of Open and Distance Learning has also entrusted with the task of motivating the scientists to write text books and other publications on technologies duly providing ISBN Numbers to facilitate the technology flow. Thus, the Directorate has also acts as a publisher of the University Publications.