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  • To produce Video programmes on Agriculture and allied fields for telecast through Television Channels.
  • To produce Agricultural Video lessons and Video CD lessons for the benefit of farmers and extension personnel.
  • To produce Video Films for, Govt. Departments, outside agencies and others.
  • To produce Radio programmes on Agriculture and allied fields for broadcast through All India Radio stations of Tamilnadu & Pondicherry
  • To produce Audio cassette lessons on Agriculture and allied fields
  • Producing Video and Radio programmes on Agriculture and allied fields
  • Developing Video films, Video lessons, Video CD lessons and Audio cassette lessons
  • Video Film production for Other Departments and Outside Agencies
  • Video Filming on Important University activities etc.,

The scientists talks, farmers success stories etc., are recorded at Radio Recording studio of Educational Media Centre for All India Radio, Gyan Vani and FEBA radio. Preparations of Audio Cassette lessons and Commentary for Video Film production are done here.

The studio is equipped with Professional Audio console tape recorders and Digital studio equipments for Audio recording.

The Centre has Betacam Edit suite, 'U' Matic Edit suit and Non linear Edit system to produce Video Films.
These suites are equipped with
  • Betacam Camera
  • Betacam Edit Console
  • DV Cameras
  • Non Linear Edit system
  • 'U' Matic Camera
  • 'U' Matic Edit Console
  • Cassette duplicator
  • CD Replicator
  • Home theatre
  • Video Capturing devices
  • Teleprompter etc.,


(Audio and Video CD's on latest technologies in agriculture and allied sciences are available for sale)