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About the Department

Department of Agricultural Entomology was established at Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai in August 1965. Subsequently M.Sc. programme in Agricultural Entomology was started in September 1969 and Ph.D. in November 1989. Since its inception, the Department of Agricultural Entomology is catering to the needs of the farmers through intensive research on pest management methods of different crops and advisory services to the extension functionaries of the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture. Advisory service on pest management is also made to non government and private organizations.



Courses offered
B.Sc. (Ag)

1. AEN 201. Fundamentals and Economic Entomology( 2+1)
2. AEN 301. Crop and stored pests management (2+1)
3. PAT 202. Disease and Nematode management in crops (team teaching) (2+1)

Professional Electives
4. AEN 501. Urban Entomology and pest management (2+1)
5. AEN 502. Commercial production of biocontrol agents (1+2)
6. AEN 503. Commercial bee keeping (2+1)

B.Sc. (Home Science)

1. AGR 141. Principles of crop production (team teaching) 2+1

M.Sc. (Ag) in Agricultural Entomology

AEN 601 - Insect Morphology 1+1
AEN 602- Anatomy and Physiology of Insects 2+1
AEN 603- Insect Taxonomy 1+1
AEN 604- Principles of Pest Management and Ecology 2+1
AEN 605- Pesticide Toxicology 1+1
AEN 606- Research Methodology 0+1

AEN 611- Storage and Quarantine Entomology 1+1
AEN 613- Biological Control of Pests 2+1
AEN 614- Insects and mites in relation to plant diseases 1+1
AEN 615- Biotechnology in Pest Management 1+1


AEN 651 -Seminar 0+2
AEN 661 -Research 0+12

Technological Innovations
• Determined Economic Threshold Levels for rice gall midge and leaf folder
• Evaluated the utility of black light trap as a monitoring tool for pest abundance for the first time in the country.
• Determined the population dynamics of rice insect pests
• Developed screening methodologies for host plant resistance studies and standardised mass culturing of pests of crops.
• Identified resistance donors for BPH, WBPH, GLH, LF and GM.
• Developed MDU 3, a GM resistant rice variety in collaboration with breeders.
• Standardised the parasitoid release technique for rice GM.
• Isolated the nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) on ber hairy caterpillar, Thiacidas postica, for the firs time in the country.
• Perfected the mass culturing techniques of Chrysoperla carnea, Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, NPV of Spodoptera litura and Amsacta albistriga.
• Evaluated the performance of electrodyne spraying for cotton pest control.
• An area of 22,000 ha have been covered with inoculative release/ application of the biocontrol agents viz.,Trichogramma chilonis, Chrysoperla carnea, NPVs of Helicoverpa armigera, Spodoptera litura and Amsacta albistriga.


• ACMD-MDU-AEN-08-S72: Monitoring and management of Pymetrozine 50 WG resistance in rice brown plant hopper (Oct.08 – Sep.2010; 5.98 lakhs). PI: Dr. D.S. Rajavel, Prof. & Head (Private Agency Scheme)

• ACMD-MDU-AEN-08-S77: Bio efficacy of E2Y45 20% SC (Coragen 20 SC) against Lepidopteran pests of black gram, Bengal gram, okra and cucurbits.(Dec’2008 to Nov’2010; 4.20 lakhs). PI:Dr.D.S.Rajavel, Prof.& Head (Private Agency Scheme)

• National Horticulture Mission (NHM): Biocontrol agents production and application: Mass culturing of host insects Corcyra cephalonica is in progress for the production of egg parasitoid Trichogrmma spp., predator, Chrysoperla sp, parasitoid braconids. Scientist In charge: Dr. W. Baby Rani

• ACMD-MDU-AEN-09-S85: Evaluation of Bio-efficacy of Emamectin 5 SG (New Source) and Emamectin 5 WG (UV protectant) against insect pests of okra, cotton and cabbage (July 2009-June 2011); Rs. 6.40 lakhs) PI: Dr.R.K.Murali Baskaran, Prof. (Private Agency Scheme)

• DBT Scheme: Utilization of organic wastes for the production and formulation of Entomopathogenic fungi for the ecofriendly management for white grub (July 2009-June 2012); Rs.17.80 lakhs)PI: Dr.S.Manisegaran, Professor (Agrl. Entomology); co-PI: Dr.K.Chendran, Professor (Microbiology)

• ACMD-MDU-AEN-09-S89. Training programme on “Improved scientific methods of storage and pest management for women fold” (2009-2010; Rs.15,000); PI: Dr.M.Shanthi, Assoc. Prof, Dr.D.S.Rajavel, Prof. & Head and Dr.R.Nalini, Assoc. Prof.) (TNSCST, Chennai and NCSTC, New Delhi)

• ACMD- MDU- AEN – 09-S90. Evaluation of HGW 86 10% OD against insect pests of Gherkins and Tomato (2010-2011; Rs.4.75 lakhs), PI: Dr.D.S.Rajavel, Prof. and Head (Ento.) (Private Agency Scheme)

• Bacterial melanins as UV protectant for biocontrol agensts (2009-2012: Rs. 16.56 lakhs) PI: Dr.S.Prabhu, Assistant Professor (Nematology) (GOI-DST-FTP scheme)

• Undergraduate laboratory and Sericulture Laboratory with necessary equipments and teaching aids with multimedia device.
• Post Graduate Laboratory provided with equipments like Gas Chromotography, Spectrophotometer, Rotary Vacuum evaporator, etc.
• Insectary with facilities for mass culturing of insects althrough the year
• Storage Entomology Laboratory with all facilities.
• Mass culturing of insects for conduct of screen house and field experiments
• Named collection of insect fauna affecting crops in southern districts.

1. Dr.D.S.Rajavel, Professor and Head (Agrl. Entomology)
2. Dr.S.Manisegaran, Professor (Agrl. Entomology)
3. Dr.R.K.Murali Baskaran, Professor (Agrl. Entomology)
4. Dr.C.Chinniah, Professor (Agrl. Entomology)
5. Dr.C.Muthiah, Professor (Agrl. Entomology)
6. Dr.M.Shanthi, Associate Professor (Agrl. Entomology)
7. Dr.R.Nalini Associate Professor (Agrl. Entomology)
8. Dr.W.Baby Rani, Associate Professor (Agrl. Entomology)
9. Dr.J.Jayaraj, Associate Professor (Agrl. Entomology)
10. Dr.G.Srinivsan, Assistant Professor (Agrl. Entomology)
11. Dr.S.Prabhu, Assistant Professor (Nematology)