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Horticultural College & Reasearch Institute, Coimbatore

The Faculty of Horticulture was established during 1972 with the formation of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and undergraduate program B.Sc.(Horticulture) was instoduced in thsi year.

B.Sc.(Hort.) Program was transferred to Horticultural College & Reasearch Institute, Periyakulam in 1989. B.Tech(Hort), a four year undergraduate program was started in 2002. The College is offering MSc(Hort) and Doctoral Programs since inception.

Tamil Nadu as a Horticultural State by 2020

Promotion of Market led Horticulture
Interfacing with Horticultural Industry
Human resource for Horticultural Industry
Participatory production system

Generation of Technology for Patending
Operational research with farmer
Supply chain Management
GAP for Zero microbial load and toxic load
Exploitation of new horizon of research viz., biobolor and biofuel
Hunting for alkaloids of Commercial importance
MoUs with Industry


1848 - Establishment of botanic garden at Ooty.

1871 - Establishment of Horticultural Farm at Burliar.

1874 - Establishment of Sims Park at Coonoor.

1900 - Establishment of Horticultural Farm at Kallar.

1901 - Establishment of Agricultural Research Station at Nanjanad.

1920 - Establishment of Pomological Station at Conoor.

1925 - Establishment of Botanic Garden at Coimbatore.

1935 - Establishment of Fruit Research Station at Kodur.

1942 - Establishment of a Separate Fruit Section at Coimbatore headed by a Fruit Specialist.

1948 - Starting of post-graduate diploma course in horticulture at Madras.

1949 - Establishment of Central Banana Research Station at Aduthurai.

1950 - Establishment of Horticulture Section at Coimbatore.

1953 - Diploma in horticulture affiliated to Madras University (terminated in 1957-2000 persons trained).

1955 - Transfer of Parks and Gardens of Nilgiris to Horticulture section.

1957 - Establishment of Fruit Research Station at Periyakulam.

1958 - Starting of Regional Post-Graduate Training Centre leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Horticulture.

1960 - Establishment of Fruit Research Station at Kanyakuma

1961 - Apple Research Station at Kodaikanal.

1961 - Establishment of Cashew Research Station at Vridhachalam.

1962 - Transfer of Bryant Park from Kodaikanal Township.

1964 - Establishment of Division of Vegetable Crops.

1967 - Establishment of Floriculture Section at Coimbatore.

1970 - Establishment of Banana Research Station, Vrinchipuram.

1972 - Starting of B.Sc. (Hort) with an admission strength of 20 students.

1972 - Transfer of TNAU Botanic Garden to Horticulture.

1972 - Transfer of TNAU Estate Planting to Horticulture.

1976 - Establishment of Horticultural Research Station at Yercaud.

1979 - Department of Horticulture upgraded as faculty of Horticulture.

1986 - Establishment of Horticultural Research Station, Ooty.

1987 - Establishment of Vegetable Research Station, Palur.

1989 - Upgradation of Hortl. Research Station, Periyakulam as HC&RI headed by separate Dean (Hort.).

1989 - Establishment of Horticultural Research Station at Pechiparai.

1989 - Shifting of B.Sc. (Hort.) programme to HC & RI, Periyakulam.

1999 - Establishment of Tapioca and Castor Research Stationat at Ethapur.

2002 - Starting of B.Tech. (Hort) with an admission strength of 20 students which is now increased to 30.

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