TNAU Campus Estate

The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University has a beautiful estate with monumental buildings, attractive Gardens  and eye catching lawns, planned roads etc.  The Estate Office plays a vital role to maintain the above mentioned physical facilities and aesthetic conditions of the University.

a. The Estate Office is the major service provider for the Infrastructure and other essential services to the entire University.  The Estate Office is maintaining all the infrastructures and the roads of the University.

 b. Supervising the supply of electricity, water, telephone and other services and  the operation and maintenance of the University vehicles are under the purview of the Estate Office

c. Further arranging for the installation, use and maintenance of Lab  equipments, in co-operation with other officers and users of the University, are carried out by Estate Office.

d. The Estate Office  plans, and directs  the  construction  and  alteration of University  buildings,  Play grounds and roads.   Civil  and  Electrical  works   pertaining to all the Research stations, and all the college campuses are also  looked after by the Estate Office.

           In a nutshell it is performing such activities related to Infrastructure, construction and maintenance as carried out by PWD, CPWD, TNEB, TWAD, BSNL and Highways departments of state and Central Governments.


Building Area

85.00 acres

Road Area

138.00 Acres

Total Land Area

678.49 Acres

Garden land  Area

25.00 Acres

Wetland  Area

50.70 Acres


5.00 Acres



I. Office Buildings



Agricultural College and Research Institute Building (About 100 years old)


Free man Building


Golden  Jubilee Building


Post Graduate Block


Ramasamy Sivan Block


University Library Block


AEC & RI Building


HC & RI, Building


CPMB Building


Anna Auditorium


University Convocation Hall


Water Technology Centre Building


D.E.E & DOP Building


KVK Building


Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC)


Azolla lab Building


Crop Physiology Building


Environmental Science  Building


Micro biology Building


Seed Science and Technology


Farm Machinery workshop


Bio Energy workshop


Soil and water conservation workshop 


Agricultural Processing workshop


Zonal Research Centre


Bio Control  building


Pesticides labs


Forage crops


Agricultural Information Technology Centre (AITC)


Animal Husbandry  and Veterinary Hospital 




II. Residential buildings


Professor Quarters

62 Nos.


Assoc. Prof. Quarters

66 Nos.


Asst. Prof. Quarters (B type)

38 Nos.


C� Type Quarters

75 Nos.


D� Type Quarters

68 Nos.


E� Type quarters

25 Nos.


F� Type Quarters

42 Nos.


Married PG students Quarters

4 nos.


Visiting Scientist Qrs.

6 Nos.


Drivers Qrs.

6 Nos.


Out house to North house

2 Nos.



394 Nos.


III. Hostels




1. Kaveri Hostel

2. Ganga Hostel

3. Vaigai Hostel

4. Mother Theresa Hostel





5. PPC Hostel


6. Days Scholar Hostel (Girls)


BOYS HOSTELS  (Students)

1. Tamilagam Hostel

2. P.G. Hostel

3. Day scholar hostel  (Boys)



1. Teachers Hostel (Staff and visitors )

2. WTC Hostel   (Staff and visitors )






IV. Guest Houses


1. Old North House � 5 suits


2. New North House � 4 suits


3. South House � 3 suits


V. Clubs


1. Ladies Club


2. Staff Club


VI. Association buildings


1. TAUTA illam  (For Teachers )


2. TAUNSTA illam  (Non Teachers)




4. Pensioners Association Building


5. Alumini Association building

VII. University Dispensary


1 No.

VIII. Places of Public Worship


1. Vinayagar Temple


2. Church


3. Mosque

IX Refreshment joints


1. University canteen


2. Students Canteen



State Bank of India , Post Office, Ration shop, Community hall, Tailoring shops (Men and Women) DTP Cum Xerox centres, Two wheeler workshop, Social Service league, Saloon, Laundry

XI. Play Grounds 

            Foot ball ground, Hockey ground, Cricket ground, Volley ball court, Tennis court, Basket ball court,  Swimming pool, Indoor games hall and Gymnasium


XII. Over Head Tanks






One for students Hostels



One for Professor Quarters



Two for Offices and Labs


XIII. Bore wells


4 Nos.




One for Boys Hostel




One for  Girls Hostel




Two for Offices and Labs


XIV . Amusement joints









The three divisions functioning under the Estate Office are (i.) Civil  Engineering wing (ii). Mechanical Engineering wing and (iii) Electrical Engineering wing.



            The Civil Engineering wing is carrying out all  the New Building constructions involving civil works, original internal water supply and sanitary works.  Further the Civil Engineering wing is maintaining all the buildings, play grounds, roads and the infrastructure pertaining to the entire Estate.   Two Assistant Executive Engineers (Civil), and  three Junior Engineers are at the Estate Office to look after the above mentioned works.



The main activity of this wing is to monitor the water supply from  borewells and from Siruvani main  to the entire estate and to provide vehicle conveyance  to students and staffs.

1.      There are 4 main borewells catering water to all hostels, offices, department buildings and Residential buildings.

2.      Siruvani water is availed from the Coimbatore Corporation and the water is supplied to all residential quarters in TNAU campus and for laboratories and departments for specific research needs.

3.      There are 6 buses, 4 cars, 2 Jeeps and one tractor with trailer available in this section for the use of scientists and students of TNAU, for the above various Educational, Research and  Extension activities.


One Assistant Engineer (Mechanical ) is in this wing to look after the above works.




1.      The power supply  is fed through six Nos. of transformers and six Nos. of  High tension services have been availed from TNEB to ensure normal voltage without  much fluctuation.

2.      Stand by captive  generators are available to maintain uninterrupted power supply in order to conduct the teaching / research and extension activities without any interruption. 

3.      TNAU campus being a small town inside a city, street lighting and road lighting are available to provide better illumination along the roads for the benefit of the residents, and for the entire area of  the University.

4.      The communication facility available with latest technology.  An ISDN Digital telephone exchange with PRI line with 200 extensions covering all the departments, offices etc.  is available for problem free internal and external communication.

5.      Facilities are available to conduct seminars / meetings at fully furnished University  Auditorium having a capacity of 1100 seats, Anna Auditorium having a capacity of 700 seats, and seminar hall having a capacity of 150 seats with pucca Public Addressing  systems provided in all the Halls. .

6.      New Electrification works for the newly constructed buildings, Petty electrical repair works, maintenance of Transformers, Generators, Overhead power lines, Street lights, Electrical Gadgets available in laboratories and also all the Electrical works pertaining to all the out stations and other Teaching campuses are looked after by the Electrical wing of the Estate Office


One Assistant Executive Engineer (Elec.) and one Junior Engineer (Elec) are in this wing to look after the above works.