Education Media Centre (EMC)

1. Radio Recording Studio:

  • Started on 30-05-1978.

  • Production of Scientists’ talk in digital format for broadcast through All India Radio stations of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry

  • Conducted Farm School on AIR on Agriculture

  • Production of Special programmes like Weed per week, Insect per week, Tree per week etc for broadcast.

  • Production of Audio Cassette lessons and Audio CD lessons on Agriculture and allied fields.

  • Recording Audio Commentaries for Video programmes.

2. Video Library:

  • Started on 1-4-1987

  • Production of video films and modules in agriculture and allied subjects with telecast quality.

  • Production of video programmes for Doordharshan Kendra ,Chennai.

  • Distribution of developed modules to the developmental departments and farmers at subsidized cost.

  • Participation in showcasing events, exhibitions, farmers mela to documents successful technologies and also displaying developed video modules.

  • Production of sponsored programme for Govt. of India, State Government, NGOS and Private Agencies.

  • Documentation of Farmers’ success stories for telecast and video shows.

3. Facilities Available:

  • Betacam professional video camera and Beta Edit suit.

  • Digital 3CCD Video Cameras.

  • Avid and After effects Non-Linear Editing consoles.

  • Neuando Digital Audio Recording and Editing studio.

  • Green Mat Studio and Casablanca Macro Editing Unit.

  • Teleprompter facilities for Scientist’s talk.

4. Achievements:

  • Video programmes produced: 1350

  • Telecast through Doordharshan Kendra, Chennai: 1912

  • Functions / Coverage: 1057

  • Video lessons sold: 7220

  • Video shows conducted: 1152

  • Radio Recordings: 720

  • Farm School on AIR: 68

6. Important Research Projects (On going):

a. NADP supported project on “Documentation of Agricultural Technologies in 3GP video format for Cloud Computing Methodology ”

  • Documentation of 1000 video 3GP clippings for cloud computing and accessed in iPad / Tablet / Android mobile / 3 GP mobile

b. Production of Complementary Educational Modules for Post Graduate Diploma in Agrl. Extension course sponsored by MANAGE, Hyderabad.

  • Production of 200 Electronic Complementary Video Modules for PGDAEM (Both in English & Hindi)

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