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    Estalished in 1987    
Former Director (CPMB)
Dr. P. Balasubramanian., Ph.D.
Former Director (10.03.2006 to 03.07.2009)

Dr. Balasubramanian was involved in establishment of Rice Transformation Facility at TNAU in 1996 with financial support from the Rockefeller Foundation New York. The Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi (DBT) with its funding assigned to him the work on cloning antifungal genes from Trichoderma spp. for use against Rhizoctonia solani, the invincible soil-borne plant pathogen. He was workde in evolving several transgenic lines of elite rice cultivars of Tamil Nadu expressing resistance to sheath blight and bacterial blight by pyramiding genes encoding a chitinase, a thaumatin-like protein and Xa21. He was build two Transgenic Greenhouse Facilities at TNAU with funding from the Govt. of Tamil Nadu and DBT. His transgenic lines are awaiting clearance from DBT for field trials. He specialized in transgenic plant technology and molecular plant pathology and trained at University of California, Davis, John Innes Centre, UK and the Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA. He is currently engaged in evolving transgenic lines of papaya expressing resistance against papaya ringspot virus, evolving transgenic banana expressing enhanced shelf life using elite banana cultivars of Tamil Nadu. He was instrumental in evolving Bt Brinjal with funds from DBT and USAID. He is the Editor-in-Chief of a plant molecular biology journal published from Tamil Nadu. He is a Member of the Institutional Biosafety Committees of the following research organizations such as, Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Coimbatore, Bharathidasan University, Thiruchirapalli, PSG Institute of Technology and Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Quinquiennial Review Team on Spices Research and Tamil Nadu Biotechnology Board, Coimbatore.

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