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 Established in CARDS to disseminate real time price information and domestic and export market intelligence on agricultural commodities for better scientific decision-making by farming community, traders, firms and researchers. This type of price forecasting is the first of its kind, offered by an Agricultural University in the country. This project is funded by Department of Agricultural Marketing and Agribusiness, Government of Tamil Nadu. An exclusive website has been created for DEMIC both in English and Tamil with help of National Informatics Centre, Chennai for dissemination market information (www.tnagmark.tn.nic.in). Price forecasts are made for major crops well in advance of sowing seasons which include the anticipated prices during harvest of these crops, quality standards to get higher prices, markets offering highest prices, market offering highest prices etc. Again during harvest of these crops recommendations are made whether to store the produce or not and the duration of storage for getting maximum prices. Thus, 85 forecasts were made during the past three and half years with a reliability of 95 % and above.