Standardization of selected ethnic fermented foods and beverages by rationalization of indigenous knowledge

Eco friendly recycling techniques of sugar and distillery industries Bio inputs for enhancing soil and crop productivity

Evolving eco friendly recycling techniques and assessing the impact of bio inputs of distillery industries for enhancing soil and crop productivity

New, Studies on irrigation effect of amendments and fertilizers on rice based cropping system in solids soils.

Developing and testing micronutrient Mixture for rice.

Evaluation of different crops for their tolerance to sodality level.

Studies on the long term effect of sewage irrigation on soils and crops

Eco-friendly utilizations of distillery wastes application for sustaining soil health and crop production

Survey and characterization of ground waters of Perambalur and Namakkal Districts of Tamil Nadu for irrigation

Studies on long term effect of treated distillery effluent on ground water quality, soil physical, chemical and biological properties and yield of sugarcane

Management of salt affected soils and use of salt affected soils and use of saline water in agriculture

Drip irrigation to vegetables in alkali soils using amended alkali water

Developing vermicompost production unit and conducing training on solid waste management through vermiculture

Experiential learning solid waste management

Nitrification and denitrification processes in rice rhizosphere in submerged soils

Women Empowerment through production and supply of Hybrid seeds and value added products of maize for sustainable community development sponsored by Department of Bio Technology

Breeding Bio fortified Rice Varieties with high Iron (Fe) and Zinc(Zn) content Sponsored by University Grant Commission

Enhancing commercial Food Processing Training Programme to NGO, Urban, Public, Corporate and Private Institutions sponsored by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Design and Fabrication of nanobiosensor for detecting pathogens in banana

Development of super strains of bioinoculants for sodic and saline soils of rice growing areas

Development of efficient microbial strains for normal, saline and sodic soils of rice growing areas