Problems and Solutions of tank irrigation:


The problems of several non-system tank irrigation system through detailed studies :

  • Encroachment, siltation, soaking of supply channels resulting in poorer / no-inflow of water, pollution of tank water by tannery and dying factory influence (Coimbatore, Erode, Salem Districts)

  • Tank chains almost disappear and their hydrologically interlinking, any improvement could revive the tank will have benefit of exploiting full tank irrigation through appropriate or selective moderanisation benefit

  • Owing to vagaries of man only 50-60 % of supply is realized a crop diversification strategy with non-rice crops is suggested

  • De-silting for reviving the original capacity, tank fore shore, plantation to arrest the silt flow, feasibility of connecting small different tanks into the percolation pond for ground water recharge, rehabilitation of tank structure and inward channels are the solutions eminated from the tank system researches

  • On-farm development structures has to be strengthened the any tank command areas for equitable water distribution from head to tail end along with farmers participation


Other technology options for poor quality water:

  • Conjuctive use of relatively fresh surface water and poor quality ground water with proper proportions are recommended.

  • Growing of salt tolerant crops in the saline water, irrigation belt along with proper drainage facility

  • Community bore wells during the period of erratic water supply in canal command areas enhanced the crop water availability and there by their yields and net returns